Printed books of The Dragoneers are now available

The new 5-star rated novel, previously only available in kindle format, is now available in print.  You can find the book here.  It is listed for $14.99, but facebook buzz reports a distributor-level discount is available between now and Christmas for the general public.  The promo code can be found in facebook,  here.

One 5-star review commented:  “This book really grabs you from the start. The setting is biblical pre flood. Mr Sutherland takes you on an unforgettable journey through a fantastic land filled with dragons, giants and Noah’s family. There is good and definitely evil. The rough characters are so vividly described that you will be amazed that there is no foul language. The battle sequences are incredible with air to ground combat highlighting military tactical and strategic attention to detail.”

There really is more to the story…

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