Leviathans, world-wide floods, and fallen angels who father giants?

You’ll find all of these in the book of Genesis, and C.D. Sutherland effectively speculates about this forgotten and neglected era in The Dragoneers. Sutherland’s captivating take on the Antediluvian age envisions sources of power and methods of war that excite the reader’s imagination and thought process in this fast-paced action thriller.

Using the first chapters of Genesis as a backdrop, C.D. Sutherland imagines a vibrant post-Eden environment full of colorful characters intertwined with one of Noah’s offspring. Susah is a divinely gifted and supremely blessed daughter of the ark-builder–and of course sister of Shem, Ham and Japheth. After some unfortunate encounters with the kinds of wickedness alluded to in the book of Genesis, Susah finds herself taken with the dream of flight as a Dragoneer. Sutherland’s legend uses well-developed theory and science which explores this and other unrecorded possibilities of the age.

It is Susah’s journey through military schooling, her innocent yet discerning approach to all situations, and her curious intellect about the world that cause the reader to cheer her through challenges as daunting as any men of that time ever faced. She is the consummate heroine: small in stature yet mighty in youthful courage, not perfect yet obedient and respectful, full of the kind of spunk required to succeed as a Dragoneer. She explores a world oddly parallel to the early 21st Century, struggling with a worldview which was presumably only developing in that era–and missing access to the Truth.

This book is as diversely appealing as any could be. Children and animal lovers will adore the teenager Susah. Science fiction readers will find Sutherland’s account of life on Earth and the application of available technology particularly unique. Military folks will give a nod to the description of combat training. And if you’ve ever imagined what events could lead the Creator to flood the Earth, this account will occupy your curiosity and satisfy your wonderment until that day when we all find out!

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