Amazing Novel

I love how the author starts off the novel and continues to drag the reader in with the mental picture he conjures up for us. It is my belief that only an amazing author can do this for readers.
I also love how the author calls on God for help in his novel.
The descriptive nature and ability of the C.D. Sutherland is astounding. Don’t be fooled by the name of the novel- it is not about dragons or witchcraft- but it is a great story.
The dialogue is inpeccable and the writing is flawless!
I thoroughly enjoyed the amazing story and compliment the author on his fine ability at creating a world for the reader to enter and enjoy.
I recommend it to everyone who enjoys reading excellent work.

Jeannie Walker- Award-Winning Author of “Fighting the Devil” – A True Story of Consuming Passion, Deadly Poison, and Murder

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