Fighting the Devil: A True Story of Consuming Passion, Deadly Poison, and Murder

My general opinion on 5-star ratings revolve around the impact the book has on me. If I continue to think about a book after the cover is closed, it is a contender. If I use what I’ve read to examine my own life, then there’s no question about it.

Fighting The Devil tells the real story of Jeannie Walker’s struggle with a man, who really didn’t deserve her. The concept of “times were different then” doesn’t excuse the things he did. For some reason, she stuck with him longer than anyone would have expected her to. Surprisingly, his bad decision put him in the snares of people who wanted him dead. After the dirty dead was done, Jeannie Walker rises to the task of solving the murder.

This story is real, so unlike novels, it doesn’t really end. The reader is left with concern over a flawed system of justice. Additionally, the spiritual warfare described by Jeannie Walker may be too intense for some readers to grasp. Spiritual warfare exceeds our physical perceptions, nevertheless in telling the story, the author has to try to explain them in physical terms. We all live in the physical world. Even John’s description of what he “saw” in the Book of Revelation gives most readers pause in trying to grasp the events nearly 2000 years later.

My prayers go out to Jeannie Walker as she is still living this story.


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