Fantasy Lovers – Put this on the TOP of your “TO READ” List!

Like the MASTER, feeding the 5000 with a few pita breads and some sardines, Sutherland has taken a few scraps of information [what the Bible gives about the world before the Flood of Noah] and has multiplied those tidbits into a miraculous world, filled with dragons, giants, physical demons, and a host of other dangers. And it is a world populated by a very few who brave souls who are willing to stand against the too prevalent evil.

WARNING: This fast-paced story is one of those actioners that is impossible to put down once you are swept into and captured by its fantastic world. The characters are so believable, that you feel you are right there with them in their joys and struggles; urging them on to overcome their flaws, wanting to help them in the conflicts thrust upon them; rejoicing in the triumphs of the good and cringing at the plotting and heartlessness of the wicked.

I am SO going to read the next volume in this series! Author: PLEASE HURRY!

Reviewed by Robert Dennis Wilson
Author of “THE DRAGON’S BACK” Fantasy Trilogy
and the “EARTH – THE ARENA” Sci-Fi series

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