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May 26th, 2012

Like the MASTER, feeding the 5000 with a few pita breads and some sardines, Sutherland has taken a few scraps of information [what the Bible gives about the world before the Flood of Noah] and has multiplied those tidbits into a miraculous world, filled with dragons, giants, physical demons, and a host of other dangers. And it is a world populated by a very few who brave souls who are willing to stand against the too prevalent evil.

WARNING: This fast-paced story is one of those actioners that is impossible to put down once you are swept into and captured by its fantastic world. The characters are so believable, that you feel you are right there with them in their joys and struggles; urging them on to overcome their flaws, wanting to help them in the conflicts thrust upon them; rejoicing in the triumphs of the good and cringing at the plotting and heartlessness of the wicked.

I am SO going to read the next volume in this series! Author: PLEASE HURRY!

Reviewed by Robert Dennis Wilson
Author of “THE DRAGON’S BACK” Fantasy Trilogy
and the “EARTH – THE ARENA” Sci-Fi series

Fighting the Devil: A True Story of Consuming Passion, Deadly Poison, and Murder

April 30th, 2012

My general opinion on 5-star ratings revolve around the impact the book has on me. If I continue to think about a book after the cover is closed, it is a contender. If I use what I’ve read to examine my own life, then there’s no question about it.

Fighting The Devil tells the real story of Jeannie Walker’s struggle with a man, who really didn’t deserve her. The concept of “times were different then” doesn’t excuse the things he did. For some reason, she stuck with him longer than anyone would have expected her to. Surprisingly, his bad decision put him in the snares of people who wanted him dead. After the dirty dead was done, Jeannie Walker rises to the task of solving the murder.

This story is real, so unlike novels, it doesn’t really end. The reader is left with concern over a flawed system of justice. Additionally, the spiritual warfare described by Jeannie Walker may be too intense for some readers to grasp. Spiritual warfare exceeds our physical perceptions, nevertheless in telling the story, the author has to try to explain them in physical terms. We all live in the physical world. Even John’s description of what he “saw” in the Book of Revelation gives most readers pause in trying to grasp the events nearly 2000 years later.

My prayers go out to Jeannie Walker as she is still living this story.


Most Pleasing

April 19th, 2012

Reading a fantasy can be compared to tasting wine. Once you begin to soak it in through your senses; the look, the smell, the texture, the taste, and even the sound, as it rumbles in the back of your throat, a synergy of pleasure, revulsion, or meh will soon establish itself in your mind, and from there it will be most difficult for the review of anyone else to ever sway you from the opinion you settle upon. The senses and prejudices of readers can be quite diverse, so just as there is no single wine that will please everyone under all conditions, I believe the same is true with fantasy literature.

However, when you find it; that most pleasing fantasy, which tickles your mind with spectacular scents, sights, and stimulates your imagination, bonding you with one or more of the characters as they go about their task of creating or preventing change to the “normal” world, where you find the story. If you tense at the verbs, sigh or cry at the modifiers, and smile at the nouns, you’ll know you have a keeper, and one that you will not only read again, but will also long to read the sequel. Which is exactly what I found in this most pleasing debut novel from C.D. Sutherland.

I compare THE DRAGONEERS to a high-end merlot, suitable as an adult novel, softened by filtering out all profanity and literary pornography, but without reducing the texture of tension which comes via action, including flying combat, martial arts, mysterious technologies (which have replaced the typical outlandish “magic” one finds in most fantasy books), and the hints of spiritual activity against the backdrop of what appears to be a plausible antediluvian world, is most fitting for introducing new readers to fantasy along with satisfying the experience connoisseur of the works of much better known authors: Tolkien, Lewis, Hubbard, and Peretti.

Some may see it strange, but I couldn’t help but to connect with a lesser, supporting character, Commander Belewe, who I think was smarter and more courageous than he was given credit for by the most corrupt people he unfortunately has to serve, I fear he will not escape the political scales which are tipped against him.

Read it yourself and see what you think. If you don’t make the same connection as I did, fine, go ahead and follow the girl, Susah, who is the primary focus of the story anyway, as she’s sure to come out on top, if you do that, then you might see THE DRAGONEERS more as pinot noir, which by the way goes well with chicken.

Bottoms up.

~ Amazon Customer Review

Make Me a Legend: For the Dream of a Better Tomorrow

April 9th, 2012

Chuck Balsamo’s “Make Me A Legend” is a tailor-made message for 21st century American-Christians, who have been domesticated by temporal comforts, fear of rejection and ridicule, and by being trained to submit and tolerate most everything the legendary Godly people of antiquity would have resisted unto their last breaths. Chuck Balsamo presents a near-formulaic process, using popular literature, movies, social movements and sport metaphors to help us, to urge us, to embolden us to ‘untame’ ourselves.

We really don’t have to take it.

It is a call to a spiritual-revolution, which obeys the leadership of the Holy Spirit while building a multi-tier relationship network of mentors, peers, and apprentices which could very well build a “last-hour” church of epic proportions. Imagine a Christian movement, where all Christians bond together to learn, support, and teach each other the way of the perfect love of God–answering to God in all things.

“Impossible!” some might say. Really? Like freeing a captive race, parting a sea, subduing giants, rising from the grave, walking on water, or reclaiming Adam’s birthright from satan? That kind of impossible is the stuff legends are made of. Exactly.

The secular world, accustomed to corralling Christian sheep, might see such a transformational movement as being a pack of uncontrollable monsters. You might think the powers and principalities would assemble their demons and strive to crush the uprising, which sounds a bit like The Revelation to John doesn’t it. Fret not, as if you remember how it ends, that is not a bad thing. Especially when contrasted with how our culture had degraded in recent history.

I wish I had been able to read Chuck’s book 40 years ago as I slogged through many of his lessons the hard way–but alas that was not possible–it was published in 2011.

Therefore, it might be that we, along with Chuck Balsamo, were all created for just such a time as this. Maybe we will become the legendary generation the saints line up to talk to when the roll is called up yonder. Or maybe we’ll just make things better.

Either way, I recommend “Make Me A Legend” to any Christian wondering what is wrong with their life, their community, and our country. Read it and join-in with the dream that together, we can make a better tomorrow.


Antediluvian Adventure

April 7th, 2012

Even the beginning of this book has surprises. I knew before I began it, that it was loosely based on Genesis and set in Antediluvian times. I did not know that Sutherland has created a world of wonder and great accomplishments in technology so that the long ago world is quite similar to ours. Yes, I was surprised to find innovative ways of transportation, shopping similar to ours today and even the same sins we see in today’s world. Though that last shouldn’t have surprised me I suppose. After all, Satan is an ancient creature and his servants are ever present.

Sutherland’s conception of the days of Noah boggle the mind and the monsters found within it are loathesome. The Creator God shines above all else especially in the bravery of a young woman, Susah, the daughter of … no, I will not spoil that for you because I recommend that you read this book.

~ Amazon Customer Review

Amazing Novel

April 4th, 2012

I love how the author starts off the novel and continues to drag the reader in with the mental picture he conjures up for us. It is my belief that only an amazing author can do this for readers.
I also love how the author calls on God for help in his novel.
The descriptive nature and ability of the C.D. Sutherland is astounding. Don’t be fooled by the name of the novel- it is not about dragons or witchcraft- but it is a great story.
The dialogue is inpeccable and the writing is flawless!
I thoroughly enjoyed the amazing story and compliment the author on his fine ability at creating a world for the reader to enter and enjoy.
I recommend it to everyone who enjoys reading excellent work.

Jeannie Walker- Award-Winning Author of “Fighting the Devil” – A True Story of Consuming Passion, Deadly Poison, and Murder

The Dragoneers

March 9th, 2012

This is one wild ride, first time author C.D. Sutherland has done a epic speculative fantasy. Susah is Noah’s daughter and an animal lover, while going to Sethopolis for a shopping day meets danger and adventure beyond all imagination.Susah determines that she wants to become a Dragoneer and defend Eden. Dragons with both one and two heads, Ogre’s, Hogres, Giants, Fallen Angels and much more await Susah in this first of a planned 11 books.

~ Amazon Customer Review

Difficult to put down

February 5th, 2012

The Dragoneers is difficult to put down once you start. I really loved the characters and the action was non-stop. Its a great read and I recommend it to everyone.

~ Amazon Customer Review

The Dragoneers reaches the top

February 2nd, 2012

For nearly a month, The Dragoneers has remained the #1 top-rated Religious Science Fiction and Fantasy book at  You can get your own copy or make a customer comment at

fantastic new book from a great new author

January 31st, 2012

I was intrigued by the description of this book and wanted 2 see how the author had interpreted such an ancient story as Noah and I was not disappointed! What a refreshing interpretation of an ancient biblical landscape, mixing in sci-fi in to an old sorry. I loved it from beginning to end.

The character development, not only of the lead character but others in the story draws you in and causes you top feel their hopes and sadness.

Finishing The Dragoneers has left me aching for more! I can’t wait for the next part of this epic tail and see where the author takes the story next.

~ UK Amazon Customer Review