Narrow Way Press LLC

Narrow Way Press was founded on the idea of providing a publishing outlet for Biblical worldview books that did not fit the traditional mold of established Christian publishers. As it happened, the appearance of C.D. Sutherland’s Antediluvian Steampunk novels did not inspire the commercial interest of traditional publishers and agents. Fortunately, having flown Air Force B-52s spanning three decades, Colonel Sutherland was prepared to deal with almost any challenge.

The stories never disputed or contradicted any black and white fact recorded in the Bible. But they did present a pre-flood world that did not match typical children’s Sunday school lessons. Still, the author never suggested his stories were anything more than novels, as everyone knows they are works of fiction.

Having a strong female protagonist wasn’t as offensive as her being the sister of Noah’s three sons. Because the pre-flood world was taken from us, we can only guess what life was like back then. To some, it feels counter-culture to suggest that the ancient world had technologies as good as, or in some ways better than we have now. Fans of steampunk know that’s what drives the genre, the seemingly out-of-place technologies or culture. For traditionalists, anything other than a first-century scenario of the pre-flood world seems wrong.

Since some of those people controlled the Christian publishing industry, that was a problem. After exhausting other venues, we realized the only way to get those books to the reading public was to establish an alternative publishing company, Narrow Way Press LLC. Since then, tens of thousands of readers of all ages have experienced Susah’s antediluvian adventures. 

Becoming an independent press dedicated to producing quality books is no light challenge. But, without a doubt, the sudden appearance of gifted, enthusiastic volunteer editors made it all possible. We believe there are no coincidences, so God’s hand must have been in that.

Since 2018, Narrow Way Press has teamed with local authors to produce some of the best Christian Fiction anthologies that you’ll ever read. Hopefully, you’ll soon discover that those short stories are not restricted to any particular genre, from romance to western adventures, or from senior care to coming of age and more. There’s a little something in our anthologies for everyone.

Did I mention that over at Smashwords, you can download many of our ebooks for free? As our grandpa used to say, “That’s a bargain at twice the price.”

Seriously, we encourage you to venture over to any of our online retailers and sample our books. You’ll be glad you did.