The seven short stories contained in 2020 Vision are as diverse in technique and theme as our previous years’ writings; nevertheless, they are united in the fact that a mention of the eyes is a common element. We invite you to take notice of the techniques used by this array of talented authors to weave those eyes-related appearances into their stories. Enjoy these seven adventures as they take you places you probably have never been.

C.D. Sutherland examines how a couple of young boys, Sam Strong and his best friend Nigel Caruthers deal with bullies and personal crisis in I Can See Clearly Now. Share Savannah’s struggles with finances and grief in the aftermath of inheriting her grandmother’s estate in Judy Burford’s The Trunk. Experience how an emotionally damaged man, Stephen, deals with the loss of his father and the discover of family secrets in Wanda Bush’s What To Do, What To Do. Explore the symbolism and value of memories in Beverly Flanders’ Charmed Life adventure of a lost and found heirloom. Deal with the suspense of Glenys Perkins’ concealed past being uncovered in Donna M. Copeland’s Secrets. Come along and experience Katherine and Tammy Stewart’s time-traveling, romantic adventure as revealed in Carole Lehr Johnson’s A Shift in Time. Finally, see how the lives of family and friends overlap through the years with Susan Hiers Foster’s debut short story, And No More Goodbyes.

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