Charles David Sutherland signs his books as C.D. Sutherland. Across three decades, he flew B-52s for the Air Force, where he was known as The Chuck, then he turned novelist with his The Chronicles of Susah series. Those novels shook-up the fiction world as they defied conventional classification. They blended action and emotional tension with technology and spiritual intrigue in a coming of age story wrapped in an epic adventure set in the antediluvian age marking the birth of a new literary genre. His readers called it Antediluvian Steampunk and declared C.D. Sutherland to be its father. For all ages, if you like Biblically-based action adventures, then look at his books—you’ll be glad you did.

Born in the Virginia foothills to a coalminer’s son, who long ago joined the Navy to escape a life in the dark Appalachian mines, C.D. Sutherland also joined the military. After high school, he served in the Air Force for thirty-two years, seeing much of the world, flying jets and doing other such things most men have only dreamed about doing.

C.D. Sutherland married the love of life, and they are well into their 44th year. The two of them are raising a couple of their grandsons. While C.D. Sutherland is a Baptist deacon, author, and an ACFW Louisiana officer and project manager, he is also the owner and executive editor of Narrow Way Press, LLC, a small independent publishing company. His philosophy for life is to “do the best you can with what you have to work with.”

His power verse is:

“I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.” (Philippians 4:16 KJV)*

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