These ten adventures take you to places you have never been.

C.D. Sutherland’s Nowhere Near Heaven transports you to West Virginia during World War II. There, you’ll experience young Marion Dunrobin’s challenge to fit in a broken family struggling against poverty and conflict. Judy Burford’s Step In will plunge you into the hard life in a wagon train with young Jake Johnson’s family, seeking a better life in Oregon. Wanda Bush’s Once Rock will put you behind the eyes of a twelve-year-old boy coming to grips with how to respond to life’s tragedies. Beverly Flanders The Assignment puts you with Brian Jennings, facing his first day as a freshman as a new kid in town. Next, Donna M. Copeland’s Intentions will place you with Jordie and Bronlynn in their multi-generational lesson on choices and consequences. Carole Lehr Johnson’s Defiant Devotion puts you with Hodge as he responds to the conflicting calls of country, family, and self, all pulling him in different directions. Susan Hiers Foster’s Tougher puts you in the circumstances of a jail ministry volunteer, learning the depth of her role in the welfare of the people she works with. Internationally published author Tammy Kirby’s His Grace Forsaken sends you back to the beginning of Viscount Greyson Brennen’s character-building adventure. Discover what molded him into the man you’ve probably read about in her best-selling novel of the same title in her Haven House series. Marguerite Martin Gray’s A Promise Shared sends to back to before the American Revolution. You get a glimpse of sixteen-year-old Tom Engle, a character in her best-selling Revolutionary Faith series, dealing with loss and duty to family and God. Finally, the talented and prolific author Mary Lou Cheatham uses Rhoda to teleport you back to the first century Promised Land as seen through the eyes of a young girl.

When you return from these adventures, chances are some will have left you wanting for more. If so, then check out that story’s author page in the back of the book. They might have something else you’ll like. We believe you’ll be glad you did.

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