“Sunday School Meets Mad Max”

Meet Susah, a talented young woman, who refuses to join her three brothers in helping her father advance the family business. She wants to do something exciting with her life. While this story could have been set in any time, the fantastical world she lives in amplifies each step nearly beyond the bounds of imagination. Against her parents’ wishes, Susah leaves home on a quest to become one of the dragoneers, an elite fraternity of warriors sworn to defend the ancient garden of Eden against all trespassers.¬†This adventure builds on the little we know about the antediluvian world and overlays it with a blend of technology, supernatural powers, fire-and-ice-breathing, flying dragons, giants, and martial arts to begin Susah’s adventure to discover herself. Climb aboard and hang on for the ride of your life.


Smashwords eBook – $3.99

Amazon Kindle – $3.99

Amazon Paperback Р $15.07

Amazon Hardcover – $23.37

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