The Last Dragoneer: The Chronicles of Susah Book Three

“Out-of-this-world, Earth-shattering adventure”

Susah faces her greatest challenges. Separated from all she has known, she has to deal with the advanced technology of the Cainites, the presence of myriad fallen angels, and eventually coming face to face with the one called Satan. Susah’s devotion to duty is shaken when she meets a man unlike any she has ever known. Meanwhile, political upheaval in Sethica threatens to replace the pillars of a free society with a totalitarian oligarchy. All of this happens in the shadow of her father’s prophecy of an impending flood. Sure to wash away your preconceptions about the Antediluvian Age; you’ve never read anything like it. Discover for yourself–is this the end, or a new beginning?

Smashwords eBook – $3.99

Amazon Kindle – $3.99

Amazon Paperback – $20.26

Amazon Hardcover – $25.25

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